video programs

Lights. Camera. Action!

Missed one of our sold-out programs? No worries! Here you'll find some of our most popular presentations in video format to watch from the comfort of your home. These can be watched on your computer or even streamed to your smart TV. 

So pop up some popcorn, lean back in the recliner and click on the pictures below to start watching!

Voices in the Cause of Freedom:
New Bernians Who Changed Our Town & Our Nation
by Nelson McDaniel

North Carolina's Civil War Hospitals
by Wade Sokolosky

A Distant Mirror: Craven County and Reflections on the Great War
by Mark Sandvigen

The Great Fire of 1922:
What a Difference a Day Makes
by Carol Becton

This History of Ghent
New Bern's Second Oldest Suburb
by John Leys

The Downtown New Bern Renaissance:
The Power of Public/Private Partnerships
by Susan Moffat-Thomas

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