Job Description – Executive Director

New Bern Historical Society Foundation, Inc.


Job title: Executive Director

Responsible to: President and Board of Directors

Nature and extent of assignment: The Executive Director (ED) is the chief executive and administrator of the New Bern Historical Society

Scope: The ED is responsible to the President and Board of Directors for a full range of activities: identification of needs/implementation of goals; supervision of staff; management of the Attmore-Oliver House campus and Battlefield Park; monitoring and implementation of events; motivation and supervision of volunteers; membership development; coordination of publications; financial development; general bookkeeping; website and social media development; liaison with the Society’s Board of Directors, members, business community, and other non-profit organizations. Salary range $35,000-$40,000, paid vacation and holidays. Full-time position to include irregular hours.


  1. Identification of needs/implementation of goals. The ED and the Board of Directors establish organizational goals. The Director is responsible for the evaluation of progress and making recommendations for necessary changes in order to meet the Society’s needs and goals.
  2. Supervision of staff. The ED is responsible for the hiring of administrative staff, assignment of duties, supervision of work, and establishment of the terms of employment (within framework of approved budget.) Part-time staff of 2.
  3. Management of the Attmore-Oliver House campus and Battlefield Park. The ED is responsible for the overall management and coordination of activities within the Attmore-Oliver House, Roberts House, Ward House, gardens, and other properties and grounds within the campus, as well as the Battlefield Park site. To accomplish this the ED works with the Curator, Battlefield Adjutant, Board, volunteers, and staff regarding the utilization, coordination, maintenance, and security of the Society’s properties, buildings and collections.
  4. Monitoring and implementation of events. The ED oversees all events and works with event coordinators where applicable, the Publicity Committee, and other volunteers and staff to ensure the success of annual fundraising events (Ghostwalk, Spring Historic Homes and Garden Tour, concert, Harry Goodman Civil War Adventure Day, and the Holiday Friend-raiser.) The ED is involved in the development and publicity of educational and community programs offered by the Society.
  5. Motivation and supervision of volunteers. The ED encourages Society members to volunteer for events, programs and projects, and serve on committees. The ED develops a climate in which volunteers will attain positive results and receive maximum support. Supervision of 100+ volunteers.
  6. Membership development. The ED assists the Membership Chair in efforts to increase the number of individual and business members in the Society. Current membership 700+.
  7. Coordination of publications. The ED oversees the Assistant to the Director who coordinates the writing of the quarterly newsletter. The ED is responsible for all content and editing of the newsletter. The ED also sits on the Journal Committee and assists in the annual publication of the Journal of the New Bern Historical Society.
  8. Financial development. The ED assists the Treasurer in developing the Society’s annual budget. The ED is responsible for the budgeting of all fundraising events and the execution of those budgets. The ED must seek maximum staff and committee efficiencies regarding all financial matters. The ED is responsible for identifying grants, and assisting in the gathering of information, writing and filing of grants. The ED oversees the stewardship of grant funds, and the writing and submission of all reports. The ED and the Board are responsible for all financial campaigns, including establishing and meeting goals. The ED is responsible for the execution and completion of all campaign projects.
  9. General bookkeeping. The ED must be familiar with QuickBooks. The ED must review all invoices, write checks, and generate reports. The ED assists the Treasurer in reconciling bank statements.
  10. Website and social media development. The ED is responsible for the development of the and websites, working with a web designer as needed. The ED is responsible for maintaining and updating all website content. Knowledge of WordPress is desirable. The ED is also responsible for overseeing the content of Facebook.
  11. Liaison with the Society’s Board of Directors, members, staff, and community.


    • Liaison with Board of Directors. The ED is responsible for preparing Board meeting agendas, organizing and maintaining Board minutes and records, carrying out the plans and programs of the Board in accordance with established policies, and serving as the Board’s representative with the staff.
    • Liaison with Society members. The ED is to encourage members to support the programs and events of the Society. In turn the ED should support member volunteer efforts. The ED is to consider suggestions from members and the possible implementation of these suggestions when consistent with the fundamental objectives and policies of the organization.
    • Liaison with staff. The ED must lead a professional staff and create working conditions that are conducive to maximum performance and positive employee morale.
    • Liaison with the Community. The ED has regular contact with community and business leaders, civic and cultural groups, and non-profit organizations, and serves as the liaison between the Society and these community organizations. In this capacity the ED must promote positive public relations.

Important leadership skills:

  1. Leads by example.
  2. Has a positive attitude.
  3. Shows respect for everyone.
  4. Listens to others and assimilates their input.
  5. Is able to relate with all types of persons in a warm and respectful way.
  6. Is patient with volunteers but provides gentle reminders.
  7. Delegates responsibilities.
  8. Tracks activities and schedules in a positive manner.
  9. Motivates others to handle difficult and thankless jobs by example.
  10. Identifies new people to assist and eventually fill volunteer positions.
  11. Works alongside others during difficult and inconvenient times.
  12. Is always thankful for the ideas and efforts of others.
  13. Has a demonstrated ability to plan and organize multiple events and activities.
  14. Is willing to attend all functions.
  15. Keeps close tabs on finances and is careful with expenditures.
  16. Looks for ways to reduce costs.
  17. Is a good negotiator.
  18. Relates well with organizations and public officials.

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